Contact me if you wanna read the full script from any of the loglines below. All have been awarded Quarterfinalist or higher in prestigious competitions!


INSIDE OCEANSIDE (Teen 1 Hour, Thriller)
Trying to solve her gang-banging brother's disappearance, a young Latina musical prodigy from East LA infiltrates a powerful drug ring by posing as a student at an affluent private school in Malibu. **Tracking Board Top 50 Pilot Scripts of 2018, **Screencraft Fellowship Finalist

SUPER! (Female Driven, Single Cam Comedy)
On the verge of losing everything, a storybook sweet, dollhouse enthusiast becomes the apartment manager at a rundown complex in the projects, and their cultural/economic differences begin to ignite twisted cracks in her own saccharine venire. **Screencraft Semi-finalist, **AFF 2nd

FANTASY THEATRE (not a pornographic theatre experience)
(Ensemble, Single Cam, Cable Comedy)
When a traveling children's theatre troupe visits elementary schools to perform Aesop's Fables, the cast of degenerates impart moralistic tales to impressionable children and fail to learn the morals themselves.

NEVER HAVE I EVER (Teen, 1 Hour Dramady)
When an up and coming prima ballerina is forced to take a hiatus from dance, she's thrust into the equally cutthroat world of regular ole' high school. A mysterious land where she's behind on trends, teen slang, and has NEVER experienced anything “normal”.

PEPPER IZZO'S SECRET SPOT (Family Programming)
When nature loving, 11 year old, Pepper Izzo discovers that urban developers are going to cut down her most beloved tree in her favorite part of the woods, she bands the local kids from the quirky, small town of Dillywood together to fight back in any way they can.


Sex APPeal (Teen Sex, Comedy Feature)
A teen sex comedy that spins the tropes of coming of age films, and focuses on a female’s determination to explore her sexuality without shame. It's totally sexy... in a hardcore science kinda way. **WINNER Austin Film Fest BEST COMEDY FEATURE, **WeScreenplay Semi-Finalist,

APRIL F**KING MAY and then june (Dark Comedy)
When a professional slacker’s childhood nemesis returns to town she decides to take her down a notch, unintentionally getting into a world of contract hitmen, murder, and night gardening.

Baby BUMP (Comedy, Feature)
On the verge of crushing it in their 30’s and owning their own business, two single women have their life-long friendship tested, when the worst tragedy imaginable befalls one of them... a baby.

EN PASSANT (Thriller, Feature)
When a charming playboy running for Mayor meets an irresistible potential donor, what should be a one night fling, turns into a living nightmare.
(I Know What You Did Last Summer meets Fatal Attraction)

And there’s more! But you get the gist…